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General Manager of Yiheng Technology, a subsidiary of Elion Group, visited Yuantaifeng for discussion


On May 24, Yin Weidong, General Manager of Inner Mongolia Yiheng Science and Technology Co., Ltd., and his delegation visited our company for business negotiation, accompanied by Song Xuefeng, General Manager of Yuantaifeng Key Account Department, Wang Yuesheng, a senior agricultural technician, and others.


Founded in 1988, Elion Group is one of the top 100 private enterprises in China and the world's leading ecological restoration and environmental protection industry group. Adhere to large-scale, scientific and technological, and industrialized desertification control. For more than 30 years, more than 6000 square kilometers of Kubuqi Desert have been afforested. We have fully supported and served the national desert control, Yellow River protection, clean and efficient energy transformation, and the strategic goal of "carbon peaking, carbon neutralization".

Yuantaifeng (Baotou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd., invested and built by Shuangliang Group, one of the top 500 enterprises in China, is the largest organic fertilizer R&D and manufacturing base in the world. With independent research and development of BGF patented technology, it is an environment-friendly high-tech enterprise that processes coal based mineral raw materials into organic fertilizer, and has achieved good results in soil improvement and saline alkali land treatment.


Under the leadership of Song Xuefeng, the general manager of the key customer, Yin Weidong, the general manager of Yiheng Company, and his delegation successively visited our product exhibition hall, product packaging line, and automated production plant. Both parties had in-depth exchanges and negotiations on the organic fertilizer series products developed by Yuantaifeng based on BGF technology. Song Xuefeng carefully and comprehensively introduced the remarkable effects of our organic fertilizer on soil improvement and disease prevention, which was highly praised by General Manager Yin Weidong.


Improve soil and eliminate hardening

Yuantaifeng organic fertilizer adopts international cutting-edge biotechnology BGF, which can quickly form soil aggregate structure, adjust soil physical and chemical properties, quickly eliminate soil hardening, and achieve outstanding results in saline alkali land management. Our company has cooperated with China Agricultural University to study soil improvement and fertilizer control experiments, which has improved the utilization rate of soil essential nutrients and increased the content of organic matter compared with the control field; It reduces the total salt content and alkalinity of the soil, reduces the soil bulk density, improves the saturated hydraulic conductivity of the soil, and increases the content of water stable aggregates of the soil.

Insect resistance and disease prevention, quality improvement and production increase

Yuantaifeng organic fertilizer is fermented from natural minerals. It has obtained national environmental organic certification, EU organic certification and US organic certification. It contains native beneficial microbial flora, improves root microbial protection system, effectively resists harmful microbial invasion, eliminates boards and insects, and improves quality and production.

Yin Weidong, general manager of Yiheng Company, and his delegation visited the factory area of Yuantaifeng Automation, and intuitively understood the industrial scale, process flow, product capacity, etc. of Yuantaifeng.

Yuantaifeng organic fertilizer adopts all-weather and fully automated production technology to track all production indicators throughout the process, ultimately making the quality of each grain of fertilizer uniform and stable, helping the high-quality development of China's agriculture and rural revitalization.

Finally, the leaders of both parties had a discussion in the conference room on the third floor. Yin Weidong, the general manager of Yiheng Company, and his delegation expressed their purpose of visit and business needs. After friendly talks, they finally reached an in-depth exchange and cooperation intention.