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Yuan Taifeng appeared in the 23rd National Fertilizer Double Trade Fair and won the awards of "Demonstration Enterprise of Organic Fertilizer Substitution for Fertilizer" and "Quality Fertilizer Product"


The 23rd National Fertilizer Double Trade Fair was held in Nanjing International Expo Center, Jiangsu Province from July 8 to 9. With the theme of "fertilizer and food security", the conference focused on the forefront of the industry and led the development of the industry through high-level forums, information release, achievements display, product trading, technology promotion and other forms. It is a grand event in the national fertilizer industry. Yuantaifeng (Baotou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yuantaifeng) appeared in this exhibition with the advantages of new brand potential and differentiated products.


The company's exhibition hall is mainly blue and orange, which shows the company's development history and cultural heritage through the combination of exhibition hall layout, product display, audio and video.


At the booth site, the staff warmly received exhibitors from all over the country, communicated their concerns, and introduced the company's development profile, advantages of technical products, use effects, etc. On the day of the exhibition, the company not only received the attention and condolences of leaders and staff related to agriculture and animal husbandry in the autonomous regions, but also received the guidance of Gao Xiangzhao, the chief expert of the National Agricultural Technology Promotion Service Center.

At the same time, the company sent representatives to participate in the report of "Demonstration Enterprise of Organic Fertilizer Substitution for Chemical Fertilizer" and the roadshow activity of "High Quality Fertilizer Product". From the aspects of company introduction, core technology and efficacy, product introduction, enterprise honor, promotion and application, etc., the practical achievements of Yuantaifeng in soil improvement, crop quality improvement and green agriculture development were presented to the leaders and guests at the meeting, and the responsibilities and responsibilities of Yuantaifeng in the green development of modern agriculture were explained.


The company won the "Top10 Demonstration Enterprise of Organic Fertilizer Substitution for Chemical Fertilizer" and "Top20 High quality Fertilizer Product" awards of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, reflecting the company's strong strength and future development momentum.

The Double Trade Fair promoted the development and exchange of agriculture. Yuan Taifeng felt the new form, rich content and the gathering of celebrities. As one of the representative enterprises, Yuantaifeng will also continue to adhere to the original intention, follow the trend, innovate and research, lean production, and continue to work for agricultural growers, customers, society, and the healthy and sustainable development of modern agriculture.