Agrochemical Service

Agrochemical Services

Agrochemical Services

Science Technology Promotion

Go deep into the field to provide technical consultation and pest control training for farmers, and effectively solve the problems encountered by farmers in practical application; Increase the professional knowledge reserve of front-line marketing salesmen and agricultural material operators through training lectures, and improve the agricultural technology level. To enable farmers, market personnel and agricultural material operators to apply what they have learned to practice. Publish scientific and technological articles in the agricultural materials guide newspaper, northern agricultural materials and relevant new media to quickly promote the spread of agricultural science and technology in China.


Crop Nutrition Solutions

After scientific collocation, the scientific fertilization scheme is formulated based on the laws of crop nutrition demand, crop habit of using fertilizer, farmers' habit of applying fertilizer, soil and climate conditions in the production area, etc; Effective plant protection plans and management plans are made for crop soil borne diseases and plant diseases and insect pests. The organic combination of soil improvement, fertilization and management runs through all stages of crop nutrition, ensuring the scientific and efficient plan. Through crop nutrition solutions, a service model of product package, solution integration and service specialization has been gradually formed.


Free Service Hotline

Expert agricultural technicians are available 24 hours a day to provide all-round technical consulting services at any time