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Company Profile

since 2014

APAXFON (Baotou) Biotechnology

Founded in 2014, APAXFON (Baotou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is the first environment-friendly high-tech enterprise in China that uses independently developed BGF (biogas and fertilizer production from biology) technology to produce and process coal based mineral raw materials (or carbon based mineral raw materials) into efficient organic soil nutrient, organic fertilizer, biological organic fertilizer and special functional fertilizer. The first phase of the company covers an area of 371 mu and is invested and constructed by Shuangliang Group, one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises. It is the largest single organic fertilizer R&D and manufacturing base in the world at present. The annual capacity of the first phase is 600000 tons.

The company's business covers the main crop planting areas in 34 provinces and municipalities across the country, and exports products to the United States and other countries. Now we have three independent brands, Yuantaifeng, Jinatai and Taifeng. We research, develop, produce and sell products of four categories and dozens of varieties to meet the needs of different regions, different soils and different crops. We provide mature package planting solutions to the problems encountered in traditional planting industry, reduce costs and increase benefits, and make the whole process of crop growth more efficient and healthy!

We broke the bottleneck in the production technology of traditional functional fertilizers or organic fertilizers, strictly selected natural mineral raw materials (lignite), adopted all-weather continuous automatic production technology, and tracked all production indicators throughout the process, ultimately making each variety, each bag (each barrel) of products stable and uniform, laying a solid foundation for achieving standardization, scale, efficiency of agricultural planting and maintaining long-term vitality of the soil.

The company's organic products have passed the American Organic Certification (OMRI), the European Union Organic Certification (ECOCERT) and the Nanjing National Environment Organic Certification (OFDC). The company has reached cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on the "demonstration project of integrated technology of clean energy and organic agriculture", which has been included in the UNDP ecological environmental protection demonstration project.

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    BGF Technology


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    An Area Of 371 Mu


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