BGF Technology
Raw Material Advantages
Inner Mongolia has a unique coal resource that can provide a continuous supply of lignite for factories. Our preferred lignite has low calorific value, low coalification degree and is rich in a large amount of free humic acid.
Advantages Of Production Equipment
With an annual output of 600000 tons of biological organic fertilizer, it is the world's largest R&D and production manufacturer of organic fertilizer. The domestic advanced low-temperature granulation equipment has added a round granular fertilizer production line with an annual output of 150000 tons, and its capacity ranks first in the drum and disc granulation organic fertilizer industry.
Technological Advantages
Patented BGF biological enzyme fermentation technology process, nutrient elements, active ingredients and native microorganisms in mineral raw materials can be completely retained.
Advantages Of Safety And Environmental Protection
In the production process, the equipment has low energy consumption, high efficiency, no noise, no waste gas, no waste residue, and no waste liquid emission. The entire fertilizer making process has completely achieved zero emission of waste gas and waste water, and has undertaken the important mission of energy conservation, emission reduction, green and low-carbon.

Liquid Fertilizer

The mineral material biological enzyme fermentation stock solution is re-extracted, which contains more than 60 kinds of native beneficial microorganisms and more than 100 kinds of microbial metabolites.


Microbial Organic Fertilizer

Regulate the growth of plants, improve the color, flavor and appearance of crops, and achieve the effect of improving quality and yield.


Organic Fertilizer & Inorganic

Experimental demonstration