Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Our Enthusiasm

The confidence and smile of agricultural growers stimulate our lasting enthusiasm.We provide high-quality products and technical services for agricultural planting practitioners, improve the soil and make it sustainable, help crops grow healthily, obtain better quality and obtain more benefits.

In this process, we also gained a great sense of satisfaction and value, with more sense of mission. Our enthusiasm is also infected by our dealers, retailers and other partners, enabling us to work together for social happiness.

Our Responsibility And Mission

Forever revolutionary innovator, integrating global innovation and R&D capabilities, supports and serves the production of revolutionary high-quality functional fertilizers.

Today's soil is facing an unprecedented crisis, which makes us more deeply realize that only healthy soil can create healthy plants, healthy animals and healthy human beings. It is our responsibility and mission to effectively solve the current soil problems, improve crop yield, ensure the quality of agricultural products, and promote agricultural production with higher quality.

We are also more confident that the research results of BGF technology will be transformed into environment-friendly products, providing safe, environmentally friendly and efficient solutions for agricultural planting, and making due contributions to the sustainable development of agriculture. Yuan Taifeng used the power of science and technology to reproduce the power of soil health and lead the new revolution of biological functional fertilizer in China.

Our Commitment

Always remember that quality is the cornerstone of Yuantaifeng's survival and the reason why customers choose Yuantaifeng. We pursue high quality, promise to customers with our practical actions, balance opportunities and risks with customers with high quality work quality, high quality product quality, and high quality service quality. We adhere to the principle of honesty, respond quickly to customer needs, and constantly let customers experience that we are committed to creating value for each customer.

We have strict requirements for employees and care for their physical and mental health. High quality products mainly depend on high-quality employees. We attach great importance to the all-round training of employees, and we attach great importance to the improvement of employees' ability and cognition. We pay special attention to the cultural heritage accumulated by Shuangliang Group over the past 40 years, and we promote the care of employees' physical and mental health at multiple levels.


We adhere to customer-centric externally, and create value for customers through scientific research technology and innovative products; For employees who rely on hard work internally, take the striver as the center, and let the contributors get reasonable returns; And build a win-win ecosystem with governments, enterprises, industrial organizations, university research institutions, etc. to promote technological progress and the development of green agriculture industry; Only by adhering to openness, cooperation and win-win results can we achieve mutual prosperity and development.