Customer Cooperation

Customer Cooperation

Caiding Group


Guangdong Caiding Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Caiding Group), using the Internet of Things and Internet technology to connect with the agricultural product base, has formed the integration of research, production, supply and marketing based on professional distribution, cold chain storage and intelligent management, and achieved the traceability control of high-quality agricultural products from the source to the market. It has been awarded many honors by the government and other relevant institutions.


On May 30, 2020, Yuantaifeng and Caiding Group reached a strategic cooperation to establish the brand fertilizer of "Yuantaifeng Caiding" and establish the planting standard of "Caiding" series of agricultural products. Based on the characteristics of population distribution, agricultural product planting area, cooperation resources and other characteristics, the two sides will conduct research on local agricultural products. In the future, they will use "Yuantaifeng Diced Vegetables" organic fertilizer in combination with the characteristics of crops, jointly formulate planting standards, optimize the planting structure, and further improve the planting quality and efficiency of agricultural products.