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Award Decision on Yantai Agricultural Science and Technology Award in 2021


On May 30, the Yantai Agricultural Society awarded Yuantaifeng (Baotou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. the "Yantai Agricultural Science and Technology Award in 2021" in the "Recognition Decision on Yantai Agricultural Science and Technology Award in 2021".

Chinese ginger determines the global market, and Shandong ginger determines the Chinese market! With the continuous expansion of ginger planting area and scale in Shandong Province, successive "predatory" planting has led to frequent occurrence of soil hardening, acidification, nutrient imbalance and soil borne diseases, as well as various difficult and complicated diseases and persistent diseases such as dead trees, rotten seedlings, yellowing, green withering and unknown wilting. In 2021, Shandong's ginger will encounter the worst market situation in the past decade, which will bring many impacts to ginger growers and ginger agricultural service providers. It is mainly due to the soil problem, which has become the bottleneck restricting the development of ginger industry.


Today, the ecological environment is highly concerned. In the environment of "double reduction of medicine and fertilizer", Yuantaifeng uses the power of science and technology to reproduce the power of soil health. The company's BGF products can improve the soil ecological environment, promote the formation of granular structure, enhance the supply of soil nutrients, increase the number of beneficial microorganisms, degrade soil toxic substances, prevent diseases and drought, improve quality and efficiency through multi-stage degradation of lignite rich in humic acid, activate organic carbon, To maintain the health and sustainability of the soil.

In 2021, Yuantaifeng made achievements in the research, promotion and application of ginger chemical fertilizer reduction and efficiency enhancement technology from the perspective of alternative selection of ginger in Shandong Province. Through a large number of experiments, demonstrations and follow-up visits, Yuantaifeng's products are rich in medium and trace elements necessary for plant growth and a variety of beneficial bacteria, with balanced nutrition, which can more comprehensively meet the nutritional needs of ginger; Establish plant root protection system, maintain the ecological balance of soil microorganisms, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, effectively resist the invasion of harmful microorganisms, and maintain plant health; At the same time, the rich small molecular elements of plant growth can improve soil fertility, take root and strengthen seedlings, suppress diseases and promote growth, delay aging, and improve quality. It can fundamentally inhibit the occurrence of diseases and pests, improve crop immunity, and promote crop nutrient absorption. It can further solve the three major problems of ginger planting, namely, yellowing and nutrient deficiency, soil borne diseases, and root knot nematodes, and thus help the ginger plot solve the problems of ridge cutting and yield reduction caused by repeated cropping.


On May 30, the Yantai Agricultural Society decided to award Yuan Taifeng the "Yantai Agricultural Science and Technology Award in 2021" in the recognition of the Yantai Agricultural Science and Technology Award in 2021. The award is an affirmation, but also an incentive. Yuan Taifeng volunteered to work with colleagues from all walks of life to improve the quality and efficiency of ginger, help terminal farmers increase their income, achieve sustainable, healthy development of ginger industry, and help rural revitalization.