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Feng Liguang, member of the Party Leadership Group and deputy director of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Office Affairs Administration Bureau, led a delegation to visit Yuantaifeng


On July 6, Feng Liguang, a member of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy Director of the Inner Mongolia Organ Affairs Administration Bureau, led a delegation from the liaison offices of various leagues and cities in the autonomous region to visit Yuantaifeng, accompanied by Li Zhi, the leader of Tumet Right Banner, Wang Yong, the director of the flag committee office and other leaders.

Accompanied by Shan Yulin, Chairman of Yuantaifeng Company, Chi Min, Vice Chairman, Niu Fuyuan, Executive Deputy General Manager, Sun Wang, Deputy General Manager, and Qin Yun, General Manager of the Soil Improvement Project Department, all leaders visited the enterprise. During the period, Chairman Shan Yulin introduced the scale of the company, the high-quality development background and the future development direction of the company in detail. Vice Chairman Chi Min introduced that Yuantaifeng actively responded to the call of national policies and the company's work deployment on projects such as high standard farmland construction, saline alkali land improvement and agricultural non-point source pollution.

Wu Jianfei, deputy general manager of production, explained to the leaders that Yuantaifeng broke the bottleneck of production technology of traditional functional fertilizers or organic fertilizers. The all-weather continuous automatic production technology adopted by Yuantaifeng can track all production indicators in the whole process, ensure the stability and uniformity of products through strict quality monitoring system, and lay a solid foundation for achieving standardization, scale, efficiency of agricultural planting and maintaining long-term vitality of soil.

Song Xuefeng, General Manager of Key Account Department, introduced the BGF process flow, the company's products and product application effects to leaders, and observed the 10000 mu corn demonstration base of Yuantaifeng Knight Group on the spot.

Through this investigation, the leaders of the Inner Mongolia Bureau of Government Affairs and the liaison offices of various leagues and cities in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in Huhhot had a comprehensive and profound understanding of Yuan Taifeng. Deputy Director Feng Liguang highly praised and affirmed the role of Yuantaifeng in promoting soil improvement and developing ecological agriculture, and advocated that the liaison offices of all leagues and cities in Huhhot strongly support, publicize and promote the products of Yuantaifeng Company, assist the development of Yuantaifeng, create a green, high-quality and efficient agriculture, and provide strong support for the strategy of promoting the green and sustainable development of modern agriculture.