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The awarding ceremony of internship and employment base of Vocational and Technical College of Inner Mongolia Agricultural University was held in Yuantai Fenglong


On May 18, a delegation led by Han Ruiping, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Dean of the Vocational and Technical College of Inner Mongolia Agricultural University (hereinafter referred to as Inner Mongolia Agricultural University), visited Yuantaifeng (Baotou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yuantaifeng) for exchange and visit. The two sides agreed on the in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises and the joint construction of an internship and employment base, and held a licensing ceremony for the internship and employment base in Yuantaifeng.


Yuan Taifeng is committed to the research, development and application of new technologies in the fields of biotechnology and agricultural ecology, effectively improving the soil environment, increasing production and income, and helping the development of green ecological agriculture. It is highly consistent with the relevant majors of the Vocational and Technical College of Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, and achieves a win-win situation through school enterprise interaction, mutual promotion and common development.

The leaders of Inner Mongolia Agricultural University first visited Yuantaifeng Company accompanied by Shan Yulin, chairman of Yuantaifeng Company, Sun Wang, deputy general manager, Chai Yanliang, research and development manager, and Li Chunlu, deputy manager of the Agrochemical Department of Yuantaifeng Sales Company. Shan Yulin, chairman of Yuantaifeng Company, introduced Yuantaifeng's development history, construction scale, technical team, technical advantages, process flow, product application effect, etc. Subsequently, the two sides conducted frank and pragmatic exchanges on school enterprise cooperation, discipline construction, talent training, internship and employment.


At the exchange meeting, Shan Yulin expressed his sincere welcome to the arrival of the leaders of the college and fully affirmed that both sides have achieved satisfactory results in the integration and development of talent training, scientific research and graduate employment. At present, the company has a large demand for innovation and talents in new product research and development, process technology improvement and agricultural application. It hopes to further give play to the talent advantages and industry advantages of both schools and enterprises, realize the organic combination and optimal allocation of school and enterprise resources, and jointly cultivate service-oriented talents with innovative awareness and practical ability to serve enterprises and society.


Han Ruiping expressed his gratitude to Yuan Taifeng for providing employment opportunities for students. It also pointed out that visiting enterprises and expanding posts is an important way for the university to deepen the integration of industry and education and the cooperation between the university and enterprises. Yuantaifeng has established a deep foundation of school enterprise cooperation with the college, and some students have greatly supported the college in learning, growth and employment in Yuantaifeng. In the future, we will adjust and optimize the training program for professional talents in accordance with the needs of enterprises, vigorously promote the integration of production and education, and cultivate new practical technical talents for the enterprise society.


Lu Fukuan, the director of the Department of Horticultural and Garden Technology of the College, reported on the horizontal scientific research projects of the two sides in China Chilechuan Modern Agriculture Expo Park at the exchange meeting, and affirmed the effects of Yuantaifeng products on improving soil, increasing crop yield, resisting stress and improving quality.


Through negotiation, both parties believe that the school enterprise cooperation between Yuantaifeng and Inner Mongolia Agricultural University will play a very positive role in the green development of agriculture. In the future, both parties will give full play to the advantages of both schools and enterprises, train more high-quality and highly skilled applied talents for enterprises, and provide more space for students to practice, train, and find jobs, so as to truly realize the sharing and deep integration of school and enterprise resources, and jointly promote the efficient and sustainable development of green agriculture.