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Li Bingrong, Vice President of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and his delegation visited Yuantaifeng for investigation

2020-03-24 元泰丰(包头)生物科技有限公司

On March 24, Li Bingrong, Vice President of the Autonomous Region, came to Yuantaifeng Coal based Bio organic Fertilizer Project for investigation, accompanied by Wu Erbin, Vice Mayor of Baotou City, Chen Hua, Secretary of Tuyou Banner Committee, Jin Yongli, Government Chief and other relevant leaders.

Vice Chairman Li Bingrong and his party visited the factory area of Yuantaifeng. Shan Yulin, Chairman of Yuantaifeng, introduced in detail the origin of technology, project construction, product characteristics and agricultural application effects. Vice Chairman Li Bingrong is promoting the action of "green and high-quality development of potato industry in Inner Mongolia" in the autonomous region. He is very interested in the effect of Yuantaifeng organic fertilizer on "resistance to repeated cropping, disease and insect pests, quality improvement and yield increase" in the potato planting in Wuchuan, and asked about the fertilizer efficiency, cost input and income increase in detail. We are very satisfied with the current achievements of Yuantaifeng, and encourage enterprises to further strengthen research and development, effectively reduce costs, lower product prices, and make profits for farmers; Accelerate construction progress and release production capacity as soon as possible.