Enterprise Dynamics

Enterprise Dynamics

Yuan Taifeng Sales Company's second training conference a complete success!


On June 15, 2021, Yuantaifeng Sales Company ushered in the 2021 sales job training conference, which started on time in the conference room on the third floor of the sales company. At the beginning of the meeting, Zhao Yun, general manager of the sales company, delivered a speech, and Yu Guohui, an expert consultant of Yuan Taifeng, conducted marketing knowledge training.


Time is money, reflected in all the employees of the sales company incisively and vividly, the whole training process, the salesmen study, listen carefully, take notes, not only can see everyone's strong interest in the training content, but also reflects the sincere enthusiasm for the cause.


Core strength build evergreen, combat-ready team. Through the training conference and the group building activities, people gathered, reached a consensus, enrich the brain. Everyone expressed that they would take the successful holding of the team building activity as an opportunity to raise their morale and spirits, give full play to team spirit in the future work, improve work efficiency, and make new and greater contributions to a more brilliant and brilliant future of the enterprise with a more enthusiastic working attitude!