Enterprise Dynamics

Enterprise Dynamics

Shuangliang Sales Elite Helps Yuantaifeng Conference Achieve a Complete Success


Chilechuan, at the foot of the Yinshan Mountain, Inner Mongolia Baotou Tumet Right Banner in June is cool and pleasant with light wind and rain. 27 Yen Taifeng (Baotou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. welcomed honored guests - leaders and sales elites of Shuangliang Group Co., Ltd., Shuangliang Energy Saving System Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Shuangliang Boiler Co., Ltd.


In the morning of the same day, the two-day elite visiting exchange training meeting officially started. Leaders and sales elites of Shuangliang Group, Shuangliang Energy Saving, and Shuangliang Boiler first visited Yuantaifeng Company to observe the use of Yuantaifeng products in Knight Corn Base, and preliminarily understand the company's construction scale, BGF technology, process flow, product advantages, application effects, etc.


Before the training in the afternoon, Shan Yulin, Chairman of Yuantaifeng, delivered a speech, welcoming and thanking Shuangliang sales elites for helping Yuantaifeng project, sharing the company's founding and growth with guests, and elaborating Yuantaifeng's mission to help national food security issues through continuous soil improvement, soil strength enhancement, and crop quality improvement, as well as the company's strength, advantages, sales and other related information. At the same time, he expressed that relying on the reputation and industry influence of Shuangliang, he would integrate the group's high-quality customer resources, promote the development of the company's key customer business through innovative sales, exchange and learning, and wish all the leading elites a successful trip to Inner Mongolia and the training conference.


The training started with Introduction to Yuantaifeng, and was introduced by Song Xuefeng, General Manager of Yuantaifeng Key Customer Department, in detail from company introduction, BGF technology introduction, product service, customer definition and market positioning; Wang Yuesheng, a senior agricultural technician of Key Account Department, explained the Crop Environment and Fertilizer Application in terms of plant growth and soil, essential factors of plant growth environment, plant growth and climate environment; Wu Yingjun, General Manager of Yuantaifeng Sales Company, explained the "Yuantaifeng Products&Marketing", and explained the history of fertilizer development, related concepts in the fertilizer field, the current situation and prospects of the industry, the characteristics of the company's products, marketing model, brand strategy, etc. in simple terms; The training content of Li Chunlu, deputy manager of the agrochemical department of the sales company, is Crop Nutrition and Fertilization; Song Xuefeng, General Manager of the Key Account Department, finished the training with the Development and Maintenance of Key Customers, and elaborated on the development and maintenance of key customers from the aspects of customer development, relationship marketing, customer analysis, negotiation and transaction skills; After that, there was a discussion and question answering session. The lecturer interacted with the trainees on the spot to answer questions about relevant industries, specialties and products.

At the end of the training meeting, Ma Fulin, CEO of Shuangliang Group, and Liu Zhenyu, Director and Vice President of Shuangliang Group, made speeches, saying that the development of organic fertilizer is the trend of the times, and Yuan Taifeng's cause responds to the call of national policies to benefit the country and the people; From the perspective of corporate vision orientation, Yuantaifeng is synchronized with the Group's corporate vision; It is incumbent on us to respond to Chairman Miao's call, give full play to the advantages of the big customer platform, and share the results of the platform under the background of the Group's sales and service integration; And appoint the general leader to implement the indicators and effectively help the Group's emerging industries; Finally, on behalf of the company, I would like to thank everyone and look forward to getting the order as soon as possible.


Good times are always fleeting. The two-day training meeting for sales elites ended smoothly. Group leaders and sales elites listened carefully to each link and had a deeper understanding of Yuantaifeng Company, culture and products. The training session was a complete success. Care for life began with healthy soil. Yuan Taifeng used the power of science and technology to reproduce the power of soil health. The company, together with the leaders and sales elites of Shuangliang Group, will ride the wind and waves, fly along the trend, pool strength to jointly promote the development of Yuantaifeng Bio functional Fertilizer, and jointly promote China's green agricultural development and rural revitalization strategy!