Enterprise Dynamics

Enterprise Dynamics

Adhere to lean, seek excellence, tree benchmark Yuan Taifeng Lean five star team construction 6S model area to build a successful first battle


In order to comprehensively implement lean management and enable high-quality development of the company, under the guidance of members of Lean Promotion Office and consulting teachers, Yuantaifeng excellent site 6S model area has been built. After three days of standardization construction work, the on-site improvement of the three model areas has been completed with remarkable results. On the morning of April 22nd, company leaders, tutors and members of the promotion office conducted on-site acceptance and review of the first batch of three sample areas built by 6S. In the afternoon of the same day, the first stage of Lean Five Star team construction was held in the conference room on the second floor of the company, which was attended by the company's management, team backbone and some employees.




No pains, no gains

Inspection room sample area site acceptance

Through improvement, the work site and the staff's mental outlook took on a new look. Director Guo of the quality control room introduced the improvement work in 3 days. After acceptance, the office area of the sample area of the quality control room is clean and bright. The instruments, utensils and drugs in the functional rooms such as the microbiology room and the analysis room are divided according to the region with clear marks; Dangerous waste products also have obvious use notice forbidden signs. The leaders of the quality control room standardization construction work to give a high degree of affirmation.


Machine repair shop site acceptance

Under the leadership of Jia Jianguo, manager of the equipment department, the model area of the machine repair workshop has changed significantly through 3 days of building the site. The floor of the prototype area of the machine repair workshop was dirty before, and the oil stains on the floor of the workshop were cleaned up after all the staff worked together and worked overtime. The workshop floor is marked by scientific layout and reasonable planning. Anti-collision beams, pipeline Wells, ramps and other dangerous areas for black and yellow color paint, color paint; Public tools use trace management, common tools into the seat. The improved machine repair workshop has clear regional division, clear equipment maintenance status, neat and unified tool boxes, public tool racks, shelves, personal cabinets, cleaning tool storage points, etc., quick access to tools, greatly improving maintenance efficiency, which has been unanimously appreciated by the company leaders.


Liquid fertilizer sample area site acceptance

The third station is the sample area of liquid fertilizer. Li Zhanyuan, director of the operation workshop, explained that before the improvement, the division of the area was not clear, warning signs were missing, the area was large, the staff was small, the improvement workload was large, and the difficulty coefficient was high. However, after improving the sample area, the ground is clean and tidy, warning lines and positioning marks are added, packaging materials and materials are placed in designated areas, fire escape is unblocked, and sanitary tools are relocated to locate marks. The leaders affirmed that the sample area of liquid fertilizer could overcome various difficulties and complete the improvement work in the area through overtime work. At the same time, they also put forward valuable suggestions for the shortcomings.


Build a foundation to break the cocoon and become a butterfly

Through lean improvement, each area takes on a new look, objects and equipment are positioned and placed, tool appearance management is convenient, hazard source identification is clear, the environment is clean and tidy, and production conditions are safer. After the completion of site acceptance, a summary report meeting was held on the first stage of counseling for the construction of elite five-star team. At the meeting, the first person in charge of the three sample areas made a report on the improvement of the lean work, guided Mr. Li to review the improvement process, affirmed the remarkable results achieved by the hard work of all the members of the sample areas and the promotion office in the past three days, and arranged the main work of the follow-up Lean five-star team construction.


All members of the sample area have successfully completed this activity while making every effort to ensure production, which will set a good example for the subsequent 6S management of other areas. The company will give awards and incentives to excellent sample areas, and the summary will be a complete success!

Focus on the present and gain in the long run

At last, Mr. Shan Yulin, chairman of the company, made a concluding speech. Mr. Shan praised the transformation and achievements of lean promotion in the peak period of spring cultivation and fertilizer preparation and application, which was also the busiest period of production and delivery of the company, and expressed his gratitude to the efforts and efforts of all the employees and members of the promotion office who participated in this lean improvement.


Mr. Shan pointed out that lean management still has a long way to go, and the building of 6S management model area is just a start to promote lean management, which should be covered by the whole company. Lean management should be carried out effectively and continuously for a long time. Company leaders should set an example to attach great importance to lean work, understand its meaning, increase publicity, and truly implement the "lean" concept into every link of operation and management. It is necessary for all staff to participate in lean work habits and independent lean continuous improvement mechanism through lean management and implementation, so as to accumulate capacity for high-quality development of the company.

Never stop striving for perfection

Lean quality management cannot be accomplished overnight. Continuous improvement is needed throughout the whole enterprise development cycle. There is only a beginning, but no end. I believe that with our joint efforts, we will be able to carry out the lean management project in the enterprise to the end, improve the management ability of the enterprise and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise.