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Case analysis

(Summary description)

Case analysis

(Summary description)

  1. Effect comparison videos and photos taken by agricultural technicians in the process of agricultural technology services and tracking data;
  2. Test report issued when cooperating with a third party;
  3. Fertilizer nutrition index, crop nutrition index, and soil nutrition index report inspected by a third-party inspection agency;

Provide students with fertilizer application cases and comparison diagrams of use effects, and clearly bring out the viewpoints and core knowledge points through the cases, and intuitively reflect the effects of our products, so that the students are more convinced. The selection of cases should be true, effective, beautiful, and representative, and the selected cases should be comprehensive, which can better reflect the value of our products.

Tracking of the small red ginger test base of Laizhou Rongfeng Farm on 4.2 in 2021 ( colonization in 2021.02.19 )

Treatment 1 : Use 1.5 mu of Yanghua Lake compound microbial fertilizer , 240 kg.

Treatment 2 : Use Yuantaifeng active organic fertilizer 1.5 mu, 240 kg.

Randomly select a spot with a length of 30 meters and a width of 12 trenches.

Treatment 1 : Send out 233 ginger buds . (Unused) contrast

Treatment 2 : 542 ginger buds were issued . (Use Yuantaifeng)

The effect of the second follow-up interval of 18 days on 20th , 2021.4 is particularly obvious

Treatment 1 : Contrast with 648 ginger buds (unused)

Treatment 2 : 1558 ginger buds (using Yuantaifeng)

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