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Large growers from Wuchuan County come to our organic fertilizer production base for on-site observation


A delegation of more than 120 large growers in Wuchuan County came to our organic fertilizer production base to observe the site. Chi Min, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yuantaifeng (Baotou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Peng Min, General Manager and relevant responsible persons introduced our company's various conditions to everyone present.


Peng Min, the general manager, introduced the international first BGF technology of the company in detail, including the origin of the coal based bio organic fertilizer project, the implementation, planning and specific construction of the plant area; Through the combination of theory and material objects, the production technology, production process and future development prospect of the company are introduced in detail. Our company uses pure natural materials to produce carbon based organic fertilizer. Through large-scale planting in recent years, the output, quality and income of various crops have been greatly improved.


Vice Chairman Chi Min introduced the company's technical team and company scale. In order to thank the large growers in Wuchuan for their trust and support to the company, he will give the largest preferential sales policy for organic fertilizer in Wuchuan market.


Lei Yuehu, a planter in Wuchuan, introduced the effect of using our company's Jinatai organic fertilizer to plant potatoes in detail. The root system of potatoes using Jinatai organic fertilizer is more developed than those using ordinary chemical fertilizers, and the size is moderate. The average yield per mu increases by 40%, and the average output value per mu increases by more than 1000 yuan.

The on-site observers observed the project construction and organic fertilizer products of our company on the spot, and understood the scale, process flow, products, application effect, etc. of the coal based biological natural gas biological organic fertilizer project in detail. Everyone has a new understanding of Boyi Runsheng BGF technology and a more comprehensive and scientific understanding of our organic fertilizer products. They all said that they must use Jinatai organic fertilizer to improve the output and quality next year.