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Zhang Shaochun, Vice Chairman of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, visited our company


Zhang Shaochun, Vice Chairman of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, visited our company's coal based bio organic fertilizer project site, accompanied by leaders at all levels and relevant leaders of Baotou City and Tuyou Banner. The leaders observed the project construction of our company on the spot, and understood the BGF technology, process flow, advantages of organic fertilizer products and application effects in detail.



Peng Min, the general manager of the company, introduced in detail the origin of BGF technology, scientific research team, project planning, production equipment, market prospects, etc. At present, our organic fertilizer products have been planted on a large scale across the country, such as Yunnan tobacco, Wuchuan potatoes, Bayannur saline alkali land improvement, etc. Through trial planting, our products have significantly improved soil, degraded residues, improved quality and efficiency, increased production and income; Many large fertilizer enterprises have cooperation intention with our company. The general manager said that the organic fertilizer of our company met the current market demand, and believed that it would develop steadily with the support and help of leaders at all levels.



Through this visit, all leaders had a detailed understanding of the BGF production process and the advantages of organic fertilizer products, were full of expectations for the ecological, social and economic benefits of BGF technology industrialization, and had more confidence in the future development of our company. Vice Chairman Zhang spoke highly of our company's project construction, team strength and future development, and said that he would vigorously help the enterprise grow and strive for relevant support policies. The organic fertilizer industry is a key development and support industry in our region. We hope that Yuantaifeng will continue to increase its development efforts, increase scientific research investment, and make independent innovation to become a model project of organic fertilizer in the autonomous region, which will be successfully copied to all parts of the region, drive local economic development, and contribute to the sustainable development of green agriculture in our region.