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Academician Luo Xiwen of Chinese Academy of Engineering and his delegation visited Yuantaifeng for inspection and guidance


On February 2, 2021, Luo Xiwen, an academician of the CAE Member and professor of South China Agricultural University, and his delegation visited Yuan Taifeng for investigation and guidance, accompanied by Cao Xianwei, dean of the School of Continuing Education of South China Agricultural University.

Luo Xiwen is currently an academician of the CAE Member, professor of South China Agricultural University, director of the Key Laboratory of Key Technologies of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment of the Ministry of Education in South China, and also the chairman of the Chinese Association of Agricultural Machinery and the honorary chairman of the Chinese Association of Agricultural Engineering. Luo Xiwen has been engaged in the research of rice production mechanization and electromechanical integration technology of agricultural machinery and equipment for a long time, pioneered the technology system of simultaneous furrowing and ridging fertilization of rice precision hole planting, and innovatively developed rice precision hole planter and paddy field laser grader; It has broken through the key technology of agricultural machinery navigation and automatic operation system, and successfully developed unmanned tractors, rice planting machinery and cotton planting machinery for the first time in China.



Academician Luo Xiwen visited the factory area of Yuantaifeng, accompanied by Ma Fulin, CEO of Shuangliang Group, Shan Yulin, Chairman of Yuantaifeng, and Peng Min, Vice Chairman of Yuantaifeng. Vice Chairman Peng Min introduced the construction scale, BGF technology, process flow, product advantages, application effect, etc. of our company in detail.



During the investigation, Academician Luo Xiwen was very interested in the application effect of organic fertilizer in agriculture of our company, and inquired about the production, production capacity, economic benefits, etc. in detail. Through on-site communication, we highly recognized the advantages of our organic fertilizer in the aspects of resistance to continuous cropping and improvement of soil hardening, and believed that Yuantaifeng organic fertilizer can achieve the goal of reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the country, and it is a real organic fertilizer.


Through this investigation, Academician Luo Xiwen spoke highly of the leadership of Yuantaifeng BGF technology, recognized Yuantaifeng's positive response to the national concept of "ecological priority, green development", and highly affirmed Shuangliang Group's contribution to China's agricultural transformation and upgrading. It is hoped that Yuantaifeng will use its own core technology patents to create high-quality development of the new fertilizer industry, and at the same time, it will continuously release the vitality of the transformation and development of the new fertilizer industry, break a new path in the development of the new fertilizer industry, and make greater contributions to the national goal of "two reductions and one control". Together with Yuan Taifeng, we will combine organic fertilizer with industrial production, help China's agricultural development, achieve farmers' prosperity, and present a tribute to the centennial of the founding of the Party of China!