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Yang Feng, Vice Mayor of Baotou City, and his delegation visited Yuantaifeng for investigation


On June 22, Yang Feng, Vice Mayor of Baotou City, and his delegation visited Yuantaifeng for investigation. Wu Zhiqiang, Deputy Secretary General of Baotou Municipal Government, Li Zhi, Deputy Secretary of Tuyou Banner Committee and Acting Chief of Tuyou Banner, Li Suo, a member of the Party Leadership Group of Tuyou Banner Government and Director of the Management Committee of the New Industrial Park, and heads of relevant units accompanied the investigation.





During the survey, Mayor Yang was very interested in the BGF technology development model and future development prospects, and carried out in-depth discussions and exchanges. Mayor Yang said that Yuantaifeng Organic Fertilizer Project is a good green and environmental protection project, which can not only absorb surrounding solid wastes, but also improve the quality and efficiency of the product and eliminate soil hardening.

Mayor Yang suggested that enterprises establish planting demonstration bases in Baotou, so that farmers can more intuitively understand the remarkable effect of Yuantaifeng organic fertilizer on improving quality and increasing production, and make the enterprise brand known and enhance its popularity in the form of "tracing the source of quality". Reduce product costs, make profits for farmers, and help farmers increase production and income.