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Lu Zhanyuan, President of Inner Mongolia Academy of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Sciences, and his delegation visited Yuantaifeng


On August 8, Lu Zhanyuan, President of the Academy of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Sciences of Inner Mongolia, and his delegation visited Yuantaifeng, accompanied by Gao Zhenjiang, Director of Baotou Institute of Agricultural Sciences, and Gao Ping, Director of Guangming Daily's reporter station in Inner Mongolia.

President Lu Zhanyuan, accompanied by Ma Peilin, President of Shuangliang Group, and Shan Yulin, Chairman of Yuantaifeng Company, visited Yuantaifeng Company. President Ma Peilin introduced our product capacity, advanced equipment and future development plan. Chairman Shan Yulin introduced our BGF biotechnology, product characteristics, agricultural application effects, etc.

Through on-site communication and field inspection, President Lu Zhanyuan believes that Yuantaifeng Company has advanced technology and equipment, large construction scale, high degree of automation and good development prospects. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the next step of cooperation. President Lu Zhanyuan believed that Yuantaifeng's products met the requirements of national policies, and had significant effects in improving the soil micro ecological environment and improving quality and efficiency, and were worthy of being vigorously promoted.


President Lu Zhanyuan pointed out that soil improvement and improving the quality of agricultural products are the trend of agricultural development in the future. He suggested that enterprises should increase scientific research investment, strengthen talent construction and innovate the marketing system on the premise of market development. Inner Mongolia Academy of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Sciences will set up a "soil environment and product research and development center" in Yuantaifeng Company to provide technical support for Yuantaifeng in terms of soil testing and microbial testing, establish a technical communication bridge between Yuantaifeng and local Academy of Agricultural Sciences, deepen cooperation between schools and enterprises, and help enterprises develop technology and cultivate agricultural practical talents in the new era. It is hoped that the enterprise will carry out product research and development for different crops, improve product performance, enrich product varieties, start with conventional products, green products, and organic products, achieve precision fertilization, innovate the marketing system, help the national food security development, and contribute to the high-quality development of agriculture.

Correspondent Du Huimin