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Ding Xiaolong, Director of the Foreign Trade Department of the Department of Commerce of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, visited Yuantaifeng for investigation


On December 20, 2021, Ding Xiaolong, director of the Foreign Trade Department of the Department of Commerce of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, visited Yuantaifeng for research, accompanied by Feng Baogang, secretary-general of the Association of Import and Export Enterprises of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Li Xile, deputy director of Baotou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Feng Guisha, member of the Standing Committee of Tuyou Banner Committee and deputy leader of the government, and relevant unit leaders.


Director Ding Xiaolong, accompanied by Wu Yingjun, General Manager of Yuantaifeng Sales Company, Wang Jing, Manager of Management Department of Yuantaifeng Company, and Guo Lili, Director of Quality Inspection Office, visited Yuantaifeng Company. General Manager Wu Yingjun introduced BGF technology, process flow and product application effect of our company in detail. Director Ding Xiaolong is very interested in the source of raw materials and the application effect of our products, and hopes to have an in-depth discussion and exchange. 


During the survey, Director Ding Xiaolong inquired about the development of Yuantaifeng Company in detail, and President Wu made a detailed introduction to the operation and sales of Yuantaifeng Company. Since its production in 2020, Yuantaifeng has received strong support from the municipal government, flag government and flag related departments, which has injected strong impetus into the rapid development of Yuantaifeng. Then we visited the quality inspection room. Guo Lili, the director of the quality inspection room, introduced BGF's technical advantages, product quality control and other aspects in detail.


Through this survey, Ding Xiaolong, the director of the company, highly affirmed the advantages of our company, such as strict control of product indicators and multi-directional certification. He believed that as a practitioner of new fertilizer research and development, Yuantaifeng products had unique technical advantages and raw material advantages, and played a significant role in the industry. At present, the enterprise is in a period of rapid development, facing the problem of rising raw material prices. It is suggested that the enterprise should seek raw materials from multiple regions and channels, fundamentally reduce product costs, lower product prices, and benefit farmers. It should be a new type of fertilizer that farmers can afford and has high quality.