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The demonstration effect of Yuantaifeng functional fertilizer is outstanding, and the average yield increase of winter potato in Sichuan is 33.6%



Potato is an important grain, feed and vegetable crop in our province. Potato planting in Sichuan is divided into three seasons: spring, autumn and winter. The winter potato has obvious price and quality advantages compared with the potato stocks in northern production areas in the same period because of its early listing time and good quality of fresh food. This year, in order to actively respond to the national seed industry revitalization and the "zero growth action of fertilizer use", and further improve the diversity and quality of potato varieties in our province, Sichuan Provincial Agricultural Technology Popularization Center, in conjunction with the Crop Institute of Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, jointly carried out the introduction test and demonstration of new varieties, and used organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer in Jintang County, Chengdu, relying on the pilot project of coordinated promotion of major potato technologies in Sichuan Province The "Fourteenth Five Year Plan" breeding project and the national potato industry technology system project demonstrated the green and efficient production of the new varieties tested.

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On May 7, the Crop Institute of Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences invited experts from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Sichuan Province and Sichuan Normal University to observe and measure the effect of introducing new varieties of winter potato and supporting high efficient cultivation technology demonstration. This test demonstrated eight new varieties, including Huasongxiangzao, Huasong 34, and Huasong 7. The new mineral organic fertilizer was used to provide free of charge for Yuantaifeng (Baotou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. The results showed that the yield of Huasongxiangzao potato was the highest, reaching 11222.4 kg/mu, creating the highest yield of winter grown potato in Sichuan, followed by Huasong 34, with a yield of 10301.8 kg/mu, increasing by 29.3% and 18.7% respectively compared with the control; The yield of potato varieties with Yuantaifeng mineral source organic fertilizer was significantly higher than that of other organic fertilizers, with an average increase of 33.6%. The results of the experiment are outstanding, which has been highly concerned and recognized by local farmers. The next step is expected to play an important role in promoting the expansion and upgrading of local and Sichuan winter potato varieties. (Photographed by Cui Kuoshu)


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