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Wang Xiulian, Deputy Mayor of Baotou, and her delegation visited Yuantaifeng for investigation

2020-03-24 元泰丰(包头)生物科技有限公司

On March 24, Wang Xiulian, Vice Mayor of Baotou, came to our company for investigation, accompanied by Liu Qingyi, Secretary General of Baotou, Jin Yongli, Chief of Tuyou Banner, Lei Dianjun, Director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission and other relevant leaders. 

Accompanied by Shan Yulin, Chairman of Yuantaifeng, the research team visited the factory. Wang Xiulian inquired in detail about the company's project construction progress, epidemic prevention and control, personnel return to their posts, and resumption of production. While acknowledging the enterprise's work in epidemic prevention and control, resumption of production, the team asked the enterprise to continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control according to relevant requirements, and combined with the current preferential measures and policies on resumption of production at all levels to accelerate project construction Further explore the market demand, seize the lost time and make up for the losses.