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Quan Juemin, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Tongliao CPPCC, and his delegation visited Yuantaifeng for investigation


On July 13, a delegation led by Quan Juemin, member of the CPPCC of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, secretary of the Party Leadership Group and chairman of Tongliao CPPCC, visited Yuantaifeng for research, accompanied by Chen Zhi, secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Baotou CPPCC, Chen Hua, secretary of Tuyou Banner Committee, and Shi Lingzhi, chairman of the CPPCC.

Quan Juemin and his party visited the factory area of Yuantaifeng. Peng Min, the general manager of Yuantaifeng, introduced the company's technology origin, scientific research team, raw material source, process flow, product characteristics, agricultural application effect and market prospects in detail. The leaders tasted Fuji apples planted with Yuantaifeng organic fertilizer and repeatedly praised that the skin of the apple was thin, watery and not rusty. The comparison of beets planted with Yuantaifeng organic fertilizer and the video of red pepper and beets planted in Kailu County, Tongliao City is even more amazing. The pepper and beets planted with our organic fertilizer are tall and leafy, bear fruit early, and have no continuous cropping disease. The comparison with the pepper and beets planted with traditional chemical fertilizers is particularly obvious.


Chairman Quan Juemin praised our company's organic fertilizer for its performance in resistance to repeated cropping and its effect in increasing production. Later, he asked in detail about the treatment effect of Yuantaifeng organic fertilizer on saline alkali land improvement and soil hardening. General Manager Peng Min answered in detail one by one. The President said that such a good organic fertilizer must increase its coverage in Tongliao, so that farmers can really benefit from it and increase production and income; At the same time, we welcome Yuantaifeng to establish a production base in Tongliao.