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Yu Changhong, President of Xinhua News Agency Inner Mongolia Branch, visited Yuantaifeng


On December 15, Yu Changhong, the president of Xinhua News Agency Inner Mongolia Branch, visited Yuantaifeng for an investigation, accompanied by Peng Min, vice chairman of Yuantaifeng.




During the investigation, President Yu Changhong was very interested in the conversion of lignite to organic fertilizer through biocatalytic reaction, and conducted in-depth exchanges on the source of raw materials, process flow and other issues on the site. Through discussion and exchange, it is believed that the BGF technology independently developed by our company is a subversive technology that combines agriculture with modern biological high-tech. The birth of this technology can simplify, scale and model agriculture, and realize the leapfrog transformation from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture.

Through this investigation, President Yu Changhong spoke highly of the leadership of BGF technology. It is suggested that Yuantaifeng strengthen product promotion, give full play to the product's maximum efficacy, effectively solve agricultural problems such as soil hardening, pests and diseases, and resistance to repeated cropping, improve the quality of agricultural products, enable people to eat safe food, and promote better and faster development of green agriculture.