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Dong Hengyu, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, visited Yuantaifeng for investigation


On December 18, Dong Hengyu, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and his delegation visited Yuantaifeng for research, accompanied by Shang Yun, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC of Baotou City, Zhang Yu, Flag Chief of Tuyou Banner Government, and Shi Lingzhi, Chairman of the CPPCC.

First of all, Chairman Shan Yulin introduced our company's construction scale, product advantages, market prospects, etc. in detail. Later, Dong Hengyu and his delegation visited the factory area of Yuantaifeng.

During the investigation, Vice Chairman Dong Hengyu observed the beets planted with Yuantaifeng organic fertilizer and traditional chemical fertilizer respectively, was very interested in the application of Yuantaifeng products in agriculture, and inquired about the production capacity, prospect planning, economic benefits, etc. in detail. Dong Hengyu highly evaluated the effect of Yuantaifeng organic fertilizer on solving soil hardening, resisting continuous cropping, increasing production and income. He suggested that enterprises should give priority to ecology and environmental protection, establish an industrial chain integrating production, supply and marketing, and play an active role in the national "double reduction" (reduction of chemical fertilizer and pesticide) action and the construction of high standard farmland in the autonomous region.