Enterprise Dynamics

Enterprise Dynamics

Yuan Taifeng appeared in the 18th Southwest Agricultural materials Expo, new special functional fertilizer enterprises are sought after


On the occasion of October harvest, "The 18th Southwest Agricultural Materials Expo 2021" hosted by Guangzhou Zhongwei Exhibition Service Co., LTD., Kunming New Direction Exhibition Co., LTD., was officially opened on October 18. Yuan Taifeng as a new special functional fertilizer enterprise appeared in this exhibition, to help the southwest market, promote the market layout and development.


Liu Jiandong, general manager of the Southwest Branch of YuanTaifeng Sales Company, introduced in detail the advantages and field performance of the main products of this exhibition, which are the full nutrition carbon source active functional fertilizer, the root mineral source Wujin life liquid and the carbon Jinx water-soluble fertilizer containing humic acid. He said: "This year, the root mineral source Wujin life liquid has performed well, taking taro in Dongfeng Town, Jianou District, Nanping, Fujian Province as an example: Compared with the control field, the overall growth of taro in the experimental field was better than that in the control field, and the uniformity of taro in the experimental field was better and the emergence rate was higher. Compared with the test field, the taro in the control field was less homogenous, the size was different, and the ridges were obviously broken." The company is unique in product positioning, application effect, promotion and publicity, attracting many dealers and exhibitors stop to watch.


Participating in the exhibition, fully show the potential strength of Yuan Taifeng, Yuan Taifeng in recent years of development, has become a higher well-known enterprises in the southwest region, through participating in the southwest large-scale exhibition, further improve the popularity of Yuan Taifeng, but also obtained the agents throughout the country, base customer recognition.