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Development Path

  • September 2014

    September 2014
    Baotou Boyi Runsheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established, and a pilot plant was established in Xinchen Logistics Park, Saraqi Town, Baotou City. The BGF technology was used to complete the production of bio-natural gas, organic fertilizer, and biological materials using coal slime, lignite, straw, and livestock manure as raw materials. Pilot test of organic fertilizer.
  • December 2015

    December 2015
    The groundbreaking ceremony was held in the Shangejia Chemical Park, and the coal-based bio-organic fertilizer-bio-natural gas co-production demonstration project was officially constructed.
  • July 2016

    July 2016
    The 20,000-ton/year industrial plant was completed and put into use, and the first batch of fertilizers were delivered in October.
  • May 2018

    May 2018
    The 420,000-ton/year industrial production facility officially started construction.
  • January 2019

    January 2019
    Part of the production equipment was officially put into use, and the production capacity reached 40,000 tons/year in March.
  • April 2019

    April 2019
    "Jinatai" brand organic fertilizer has passed the EU organic certification and Nanjing Guohuan organic certification.
  • May 2019

    May 2019
    Officially changed its name to "Yuantaifeng (Baotou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd.".
  • June 2019

    June 2019
    The 420,000 tons/year production unit was officially put into use, and the production capacity reached 420,000 tons/year in October.
  • June 2019

    June 2019
    Cooperated with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on the "Clean Energy and Organic Agriculture Integration Technology Demonstration Project" and was included in the UNDP Ecological Environmental Protection Demonstration Project.
  • July 2020

    July 2020
    Yuantaifeng Company became the chairman unit of Baotou Fertilizer Association.

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