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June 2019

Yuantaifeng (Bio) Technology Co., Ltd. and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) have reached a cooperation on the "Demonstration Project of Integration of Clean Energy and Organic Agriculture". The United Nations Development Programme highly recognizes our company’s BGF technology, believing that the technology not only retains the energy properties of low-quality coal, and achieves the efficient use of clean energy, but also produces organic fertilizers that can meet EU certification standards, which will greatly reduce The agricultural sector’s dependence on pesticides and fertilizers has effectively alleviated the problem of agricultural non-point source pollution.

January 14, 2020

Yuantaifeng and the China Department of Network Cooperation both jointly established the "National Cultivated Land Quality Survey and Science Popularization Office". Based on the China Potato Industry Internet platform, Yuantaifeng launched an in-depth cooperation on high organic carbon brown coal biodegradable organic fertilizer. The core, gradually expanded to sugar beet, sugar cane and other varieties, through the establishment of a financial-centric supply chain system, cooperation with China and China People’s Insurance Group for insurance innovation, "planting cost insurance" completely solves the problem of agricultural funds and planting security, and realizes together Yuantaifeng's scientific and technological achievements transformation, brand interaction construction, transaction structure innovation, etc., gradually realized the full integration of the two parties' businesses, and finally realized the effective integration of the large agricultural industry chain.

May 30, 2020

Yuantaifeng and Caiding Group signed a cooperation agreement to jointly create the "Yuantaifeng Caiding" brand fertilizer and formulate the planting standards of the "Caiding" series of agricultural products. Combining the characteristics of population distribution, agricultural product planting area, cooperative resources, etc., the two parties will steadily advance strategic cooperation with Maoming and Zhaoqing as the first phase of cooperation areas, in accordance with the principle of distribution and implementation. We are currently investigating locally grown agricultural products. In the future, we will combine the characteristics of the crops and use the "Yuantaifeng Caiding" organic fertilizer in a targeted manner to jointly formulate planting standards, optimize planting structures, and further improve the quality and benefits of agricultural products.

February 5, 2021

Yuantaifeng and the People's Government of Tumoteyou Banner signed a strategic cooperation on high-standard farmland construction, saline-alkali land improvement, cultivated land quality improvement, landscaping, economic forest construction, organic green base construction, and leading and hosting various academic conferences on the development of agricultural industries. protocol. Through the additional application of "Yuantaifeng Organic Fertilizer", the high-quality development of Tuyouqi's green organic farming and animal husbandry will be realized, and it will contribute to the development strategy of "Coal Capital to Fertilizer Capital" in Tuyou Banner.

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